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General Notes

Use ATS's google calendar to keep track of what events are coming up. Event captains should remind you to pub out about their events, but things like food runs and Xifan Sundays tend to be forgotten. It is also the event captains that should know all the details of events that need to be in publicity material--if not ask the presidents.


We usually email out 5-6 days before an event, the day before an event, and the day of the event. However for things like pastry sales it's usually every day that we have them.

To pub events that are centered around ATS members use (Xifan Sunday, food runs, family and big/little centered events, etc)

Here are the dorm mailing lists for bigger events such as Lunar New Year, S2T, pastry sales, care packages, etc..
If dorms are included, they are bcc'ed. REMEMBER TO BCC!


RIP Senior House: - senior house mailing list that doesn't get you put on a spam list..

For BC you have to include your underwear color at the end of the email
This is Senior House's email though we can't send emails to them:
RIP Bexley:


-General Poster Notes
We've been using the Next House color printer and paper to print out our large posters
Be sure to use high resolution when making the posters (300 DPI) and CMYK. We've been making posters 11"x17" (tabloid paper) since Next House has it.
Put ATS logo on all posters; for events funded by UA, put UA logo; for events funded by LEF or Arcade, just put text saying "Funded by ____" since they don't have logos. Ask Treasurer about what funding applies.

-General Postering
Postering locations include: dorms, student center, the infinite, Stata, building 26, 16, 56, 66

According to ASA, "Officially, posters are torn down by Facilities personnel every Thursday and Sunday evening." This is just select poster boards along the infinite though. That basically means don't try to poster until late that night or just do it early the next morning. There tends to be a lot of poster space the morning after until about noon. More information about postering rules can be found on The ASA website. (It says to never tear down posters, but if the events have passed already, then we just do it anyway..)

You can use the email to call exec for help postering! :D

-Special Postering/Pub

  • Infinite triangle boards: LINK.
  • Large CAC panels at the beginning of the infinite: ask secretary to book.
    • Dimensions of boards: LINK.
    • Find a Course 4 friend to print out large format for you! Max height is 36", and it can be as long as you want~
  • Tech Ad: LINK.
    • We get 1 free full-page ad per year, but we generally use the entire page for S2T.
  • Student Center/Stata Electronic Display: LINK.


We haven't chalked in a while, but ATS does own chalk if you want to do it! In the past, it seems S2T is the only thing that was really chalked for. Chalking rules: LINK

Pub Folder

We are currently using a dropbox folder to keep all old posters. All posters are organized by years, so look in appropriate folder for year exclusive events or new events created in recent years. Please refer to the General folder for frequently used images like the logos that you need to attach to the posters or door signs, pastry cards, etc. Please look over folder if you ever need any references.


We use Copytech to print things like CPW/REX cards, tickets for large events, and collages for senior dinner. After uploading the image, you pick settings like paper stock and cutting. We usually include a cutting guide (like this under the Cutting option in the "Other" tab , with instructions to cut along the lines. Paper types that we've found to work well:

  • 100# Glossy Cover for cards (this is the heaviest weight and makes nice business-sized cards -- we've also used 12x18 Semi-Gloss Cover for larger cards that don't need to be as thick)
  • 80# White Cover for matte tickets (still on the fence about whether tickets should be matte at all though, as it seems kind of plain sometimes)
  • 11x17 Glossy Paper for posters and collages (this is a nice slightly shiny tabloid paper that we used for the GBM posters this year)

For payment, get the Cost Object (this is a number referring to our funding account) from the treasurer or presidents.

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