What is ATS?

The Association of Taiwanese Students consists primarily of undergraduate students with a Taiwanese heritage or an interest in Taiwanese culture. For many of its members, ATS is a place to make friends with people of different backgrounds, who yet still share the common interest in learning about Taiwanese and Chinese traditions practicing their and cultures. Many members are Taiwanese or Taiwanese American, but new members need not be Taiwanese to join. Popular events include Lunar New Year's Banquet and Nightmarket; other events range from pastry sales to DDR Tournaments. We have fun in many ways from playing mahjong to chugging boba.

Who can join?

All members of the MIT community who have an interest in Taiwan or Taiwanese culture are welcome to join ATS, regardless of whether or not you are Taiwanese. Our only requirement is that you enjoy our activities while appreciating the value of Taiwanese culture.

How do I join?

Membership costs $5 per year. Members are subsidized for all of our Dim Sum runs, Mulan runs, and paid events such as the New Year's Banquet. Non-members who wish to hear about our ATS activities and announcements can have their emails added to our mailing list. Send an email to have your name added. To become a member of ATS, please contact our board members and pay your membership fee.

How do I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to come to exec meetings. Meetings are usually held a few times a month on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM. Email an exec board member for more details on exec meetings. We are more than welcome to suggestions, comments, and feedback from general body members. Have an event you want to see realized? Let us know.

What are some common ATS events?

ATS has a large gamut of cultural and social events throughout the year. Most popular events include Xifan Sundays, Mahjong Tournaments, Strait to Taiwan, Lunar New Year's Banquet, and pastry sales. For a complete listing of events, see the events section.

More Information

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