ATS Events

*For upcoming events check the home page.
**All events will be advertised through the mailing list (if you want to be on the list send an email to dhlim[at]mit[dot]edu)

ATS has events very frequently. We don't require attendance--just come, hang out, and have fun! All of our events involve lots of yummy food :D Here are some of the events that will happen throughout the year:

Regular Semester Events

Xifan Sundays
Every so often ATS has Xifan Sundays at the McCormick Country Kitchen. Come join us for a nice warm bowl of xifan with your favorite toppings! It's a great way to socialize with fellow members and detress.

Dim Sum/Hot Pot/Mulan Runs
About 2 or 3 times during the semester we go on food runs on the weekend (usually Saturdays). We usually meet as a giant mob at the Student Center and head over to Chinatown in Boston or to Mulan in Cambridge. It's a great opportunity to get out of the MIT bubble and eat some great food!

Pastry Sales
Pastry sales happen usually twice per semester. We don't sell pastries to make a profit--but rather sell them to make MIT students happy and plug a large upcoming event. Pastries typically cost $1.00 or $1.25 and we are usually located at a booth in Lobby 10. So come by and get your fill of sweet happiness!

*Members have pastry cards--buy 9 and get the 10th pastry free!

Fall Semester Events

Activities Midway
Activities Midway happens before the fall semester starts and after orientation week and REX. We usually serve shaved ice and sometimes bubble tea. We try to get freshmen/upperclassmen to join ATS!

General Body Meeting
The general body meeting is where the exec board will introduce themselves to the members and let them know about upcoming events.

Welcome Banquet
We cook the freshmen a great dinner! Freshmen eat free while upperclassmen pay a small fee.

Freshmen rep elections happen during this event and new members sign up for the Big Sib/Little Sib program (fill out the forms here: I want a little! and Get me a big!) and get put into a family.

OmNomNom Social
After getting a new big or little, come to this social to get to know them better and meet the rest of your ATS family!

Family Field Day
Family field day is a great way to bond with your family! The families compete against each other in various events such as tug-of-war, water balloon toss, eating contests, and more!

The MIT Asian clubs (AAA, CSC, and ATS) come together to organize Nightmarket. There is lots of food, activities, and performances. ATS usually serves shaved ice and has a DDR booth.

Elections happen at the end of the semester. Being on ATS Exec provides you the opportunity of getting more involved with the club and bonding with a small group of really awesome people!

IAP Events

Arts and Crafts
Learn origiami, beading, paper cutting, and more!

Cooking Workshop
Warm up by learning how to make dumplings, scallion pancakes, onigiri and more Asian goodies from scratch!

Karaoke/DDR Night
Sing some karaoke and dance the night away with us! It's also a great time for members to just hang out and eat snacks.

Mahjong Tournament
You can learn how to play mahjong at this event. And if you are a bit more experienced you might win the tournament!

Spring Semester Events

New Year Family Potluck
Celebrate the Lunar New Year by coming together and cooking for a family potluck! Prizes will be awarded for best dishes and best presentation, and of course, no New Year celebration would be complete without hongbao. There will also be games such as Twister, Taboo, and Cranium for families to compete in - may the best family win!

Strait to Taiwan
ATS transforms the Stata Center into a bustling Taiwanese market! We sell cheap, delicious food and Tim comes by to visit.

Welcome Festival
Welcome Festival is a CPW event where we hand out free boba to all the prefrosh!

Activities Fair
Much like Activities Midway we serve shaved ice and tell freshmen about ATS.

We make bubble tea ourselves and serve them to prefrosh. Prefrosh (and members) can shoot boba with their straws at our freshmen boys. (If there aren't enough freshmen boys then some unfortunate upperclassmen will have to step in.)

Senior Dinner
We take our lovely seniors out for a nice dinner in either Boston or Cambridge. After we come back we present them with gifts (usually collages) and say our good-byes.